Vanco has been manufacturing specialty metal gaskets since 1960, and as a result of our long history, we have developed unique and efficient manufacturing processes and an established supply chain that has allowed Vanco to become a primary supplier of special metal seals to many of the leading oil and gas companies.

As the industry evolved, subsea and surface equipment used to extract and process oil and gas has become more complex in order to access these resources in areas that are more difficult to reach, contain high pressure and high temperature environments as well as highly corrosive fluids.

Vanco specializes in manufacturing precision-machined metal gaskets and thin-wall metal seals that are machined to very tight tolerances and must satisfy stringent quality requirements. Our customers’ continue to rely on Vanco to manufacture their proprietary metal to metal seal designs. Vanco ensures that vendors utilized for raw material and various outside processes are in strict compliance with our customers’ approved vendors. Vanco routinely machines these special parts in stainless steels, various nickel alloys such as Inconel and Incoloy grades, titanium, as well as other exotic alloys.

Research and Development
Vanco works closely with our customers in engineering and implementing highly efficient manufacturing processes and we continually develop cost reduction techniques for the special metal seals we manufacture. This has allowed Vanco to provide special metal seals at some of the most competitive prices in the industry.